Città di TERNI
San Valentino
san valentino
Cascata delle Marmore
cascata delle marmore
La città vecchia
la città vecchia
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 Historic centre

The area

A town closely linked to nature with its umbilical cord going from piazza Valnerina – the name the people of Terni give to piazza Bruno Buozzi – along V.le Brin as far as the Marmore Waterfalls and Nera Valley.
Water is the power of Terni and it is from water it takes its name, its origins
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The history

The city was founded 2500 years ago, but the first recorded inhabitants were from the Inferior Palaeolithic and Iron ages.
An inscription dating back to the period of Tiberius, affirms that Terni was founded 81 years after Rome by the Umbrians or Sabines. More recent studies support the theory that it was the work of the Naharci, an aboriginal population from the Sibillini Mountains, who came down from the mountains and steadily advanced along the Nera River.
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