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Southern Valnerina

Set up in 1995 by the Umbria Region, the park surrounds the axis of the Nera River (and its main tributaries: the Rosciano trench, and the ones of Ancorano and Castellone-Salto del Cieco), and the confluence of the Velino River flowing past the Marmore Falls.
It has a strong and historical anthropic presence that has also produced a rich and complex architectonic and cultural patrimony that in itself is a value to protect and enhance.
Primary source of water and food, the inhabitants of the valley have always considered the Nera the hub of economic activity. Its waters have made hygrophilous cultivations possible (e.g. the so-called “canapine”), small plots of land along the riverbank, used for the cultivation of wig-trees and woad, essential plants once used to cure leather and dye cloth.
Milling is another fundamental activity of this area, both for milling activities and olive pressing.
Thanks to the abundance of water, the area features numerous important phlogistic and faunal species. There is a significant presence of cryptogam such as calcareous moss, dorso-ventral liverwort and alghe, especially the filamentous species, that characterize the ecosystem of the Marmore Falls riverbed. These are just a few of the particular plants that cover most of the more inaccessible faces of the Falls, and can be considered representative of a unique environment of exceptional and extraordinary aquatic and botanical interest. Making up the multiple environmental varieties is a vast plant-life, the most significant being the endemic, relict, rare and of particular bio geographic value, threatened with extinction such as the ephedra, Ilex aquifolium (holly);the box tree, Tertiary xerothermic shrub relict, survivor of the Quaternary glaciations; the small flowered tongue orchid; the military orchid; water horsetail, only present in another two places in Umbria; the rare travertine moss.

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