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The road of wine

The road of Etruscan Roman wines

The Road of Etruscan Roman Wines intercepts the province of Terni in the lands that belonged to the Etruscans and Romans. Itinerary of research and experimentation, in a generous land of ancient traditions and flavours recommended for lovers of slow experience and outside the usual circuits.
In the midst of cities of art and typical Umbrian skylines, a route towards the discovery of an area dripping in history, culture and prestigious wine cellars offering P.D.O. and I.G.T. Umbrian wines.
In order of practicability, from the Orte exit along the A1 motorway near  the first stop off at S.Liberato di Narni at the Wine Cellar of Castello delle Regine (
Next stop, in direction Amelia, in the nearby wine cellars: the Wine Cellar of Colli Amerini (, and the Zanchi Wine Cellar (tel. 0744/970011 e-mail:
In Narni, medieval town with fascinating narrow streets is the wine cellar of Ruffo della Scaletta (tel. 0744/15227
In Stroncone, medieval village, stop over at the Wine Cellar ofLa Palazzola (tel. 0744/609091).
Last but not least, Sangemini, medieval village and slow city with the Ponteggia  Farm ( © sito ufficiale del Turismo della Città di Terni