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san valentino
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cascata delle marmore
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la città vecchia
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Canoeing, kayaking, rafting and hydrospeeding on the River Nera and its affluents, pot holing in the caves of the Marmore Waterfalls and free climbing on the rocky faces of the Valnerina valley.
The Nera River Park is famous for its culinary products, especially pork processing.
Cold cuts and hams have a distinctive taste, not only because of the traditional curing and aging techniques, but also because the pigs graze in a totally intact environment, and this renders these products particularly special.
Thanks to its wooded nature the Valnerina is also famous for truffles, especially the "black" kind known as the "truffle of Norcia or Spoleto", while the area at the foot of the hill where olives are abundant, oil has been a PDO product for years.
Water abounds in the Park and the numerous restaurants in the area offer, among other specialities, river shrimps and trout; especially the brown “fario” trout, low fat, with a delicate flavour and perfect for preparing in different ways (boiled, steamed or roasted).
The Park is a significant occasion for wine and food, naturalistic and cultural tourism.
As well as castles and mediaeval villages, the area is full of industrial archaeology including factories and hydroelectric plants. © sito ufficiale del Turismo della Città di Terni